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New Wood Splitter Uses No Hydrauics
Here's a unique new wood splitter that uses no hydraulics to transmit power from the engine to the splitting ram. Instead, a 2 in. dia. worm drive system is used on the Gilson line of Power-Bolt splitters.
A 5 hp Briggs and Stratton engine drives the "worm" through a torque converter, similar to those used on snowmobiles and mini-bikes. "The torque converter is the mechanical equivalent to the two-stage pump that a hydraulic unit would require," explains Andy Schad, assistant product manager at Gilson.
"Its purpose is to shorten the time cycle required for easy-splitting wood, and to increase the amount of torque available for tough wood. In operation, the torque converter shifts into a near-neutral position so the ram can enter the wood under high torque and split it with up to 121/4 tons of force."
The splitter also features automatic ram return at the end of the splitting cycle. It takes less than 20 seconds to complete the entire cycle.
A key feature of the new-style splitter is its adjustable stroke control. A single knob on the machine allows you to change the length of stroke from 16 in. up to 26 in, in just seconds. "This is particularly nice if you have a stove that only takes a certain length of wood," notes Schad.
' "So far as I know, only one brand of hydraulic splitter on the market has this adjustable stroke control feature."
There are a number of reasons for offering a mechanical-drive splitter, according to Schad. "Since it's mechanical, all the drive components are simple and easy to understand, and easy for most owners to fix themselves," Schad notes. "Also, you don't have to be so particular about cleanliness around this splitter as you would around the components of a hydraulic splitter. Another advantage is that even if something does go wrong, the entire drive system can be replaced for about $35, compared to at least $200 on most hydraulic splitters."
Schad notes that buyers were wary at first of the mechanical drive. "But, after the initial skepticism wore off, we've had excellent results selling them."
The company is offering two models. The 57000 features a highway towing package (high-speed pneumatic wheels, ball trailer hitch and highway light kit) for a total of $949.95. The model 57001 is the same model, but without the highway trailer package. It sells for $829.95.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gilson Brothers Mfg., Box 152, Plymouth, Wis. 53073 (ph 414 893-1011).

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