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Simple Method To Charge Batteries
Dick Trochta, Fransville, Wis.: He came up with a simple method to charge batteries using a 10-amp charger. "I use the idea on all tractors and vehicles where the batteries are hard to reach. I use a vehicleto-trailer electrical socket and plug. These are normally used to run lights and electricity to a travel trailer. I mount the socket permanently on the tractor in a convenient location. The ground wire goes directly to the battery and the positive is fused in-line at the battery. Then I cut off the charging cord on the battery charger and fit it with a short length of extension cord fitted with a 3-prong male plug. Then I put the quick-connect trailer plug on a short length of cord with the female end of the extension cord and I attach regular alligator clips to another short length of cord with another female extension cord end. That way I can switch quickly back and forth between the quick-connect trailer plug - for batteries wired up with the remote trailer socket - and regular battery clips for normal charging of batteries. Using the 3-prong cord also prevents hooking up with reverse polarity.
"You have to make sure you wire up all vehicles the same, negative-to-negative and positive-to-positive. I've used this practice for many years and it has saved hundreds of dollars in batteries by making it easy to keep them charged properly."

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