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New Baler Wraps Bales In Plastic
You've never seen anything like it - a first-of-its kind big round baler that automatically wraps each finished bale with a plastic wrapper.
"Our new Weather Wrap Round Baler bales easier and quicker than the conventional big round bale tied with twine," Vernon Lundell, inventor and manufacturer, told FARM SHOW. "Bale damage as a result of moisture penetration in the bottom and top of the bale is virtually eliminated."
The new plastic Weather Wrap wrapper holds the bale together during moving, loading and transport. Ends of the bale are open, permitting the bale to breathe and cure while the circumference is protected from the weather. A special provision has been made to let condensation escape during the early curing stage.
Other features on the new-style Lundell big round baler, include a new adjustable hitch, new springtooth type second bale maker, and elimination of all bale-forming cables. The bale-forming rollers can be filled with water for additional weight for denser bales, if desired. "Since twine is not used in making Weather Wrap bales, costs of the system are only slightly higher than conventional round baling costs, and very minimal when quality of hay is taken into consideration," Lundell points out. "A 12-in. thick layer of spoilage and mold in a 6 ft. dia. bale represents 55 to 60% waste."
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lundell Mfg., Cherokee, Iowa 51012 (ph. toll free 1-800-831-4841 or 4842. Iowa residents call 1-800-352-4639).

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