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Slick Way To Clean Gutter Grates
Slickest system we've seen for keeping gutter grates in dairy barns sparkling clean is the new self-propelled cleaner from Farmstar Inc., of Glenwood, Minn.
The battery-driven cleaner is equipped with a special drum-shaped steel brush (16 in. in dia. and 20 in. wide) which self-propels the unit as it moves down the grates to make a clean sweep of manure build-up. It pushes manure through the grate openings and wipes the surface slick and clean with virtually no clinging of any manure on the self-cleaning brush.
"The secret is the design of our special brush, and the use of water which works in conjunction with the brush to remove manure from the grates;" explains Olav Isne, sales manager.
The new-style grate cleaner is easy to operate. You simply hook a garden hose to the water connection along one side, flip the switch and, with one hand, guide the machine as it sweeps its way down the grate. When you get to the far end, just flip the control switch to reverse and the machine without having to be turned around sweeps its way back in the opposite direction.
"It only uses a few gallons of water per cleaning," explains Isne. "There's a restricted orifice in the hose connection which cuts the flow rate way down. Water is piped in three directions on the underside --one fine-mist stream is directed in front of the brush to pre-soak manure a second or two before it's sweptaway. A second stream is sprayed into the hollow center core of the drum-shaped brush and a third stream is directed behind the brush to provide a rinsing action," Isne points out.
He adds that the cleaner works on flat, raised or recessed grates. Because it's battery operated, there are no stray voltage problems to worry about. One charge of the cleaner's 12 volt battery lasts for about one week of cleaning. To recharge, which only takes about 8 to 10 hours, you simply plug the "recharge cord" into a 110 volt outlet.
The machine makes very little noise and can easily be operated, if desired, when the cows are in their stalls, Isne points out.
Suggested retail is $995. Dealer inquiries welcome.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Farmstar Inc., Highway 55, Glenwood, Minn. 56334 (ph 612 634-4554).

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