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Swimming Pool Alarm
New from Remington Products is a Pool Alarm that emits a warning signal if children or pets fall into an unattended pool.
Pool Alarm floats on the pool surface and is activated by the wave action created when a child, pet or other object falls into the water.
Designed to work in any shape of pool, the alarm is placed within arms length of the pool edge. It can be adjusted for different sensitivity by rotating the base. On a windy day, for example, you would rotate the base to raise the sensitivity ring further away from the pool surface, explains Steven Bakalar, product manager.
"At the sound of the alarm, you would check the pool immediately to see what has happened. After the danger has passed, simply lift the alarm out of the water and tilt it side-ways to turn it off. If it should happen to sound when you're away from the house, it's designed to shut off automatically after 5 minutes," explains Bakalar.
Model PA-20, which sounds an alarm in the pool area, sells for $59. Model PA-30, which includes a remote receiver to also sound the alarm in the house at a distance of up to 200 ft. from the pool, sells for $119.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Remington Products, 60 Main St., Bridgeport, Conn. 06602 (ph 203 367-4400).

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