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Way to Take Odors Out Of Homes
Here's a way to take odors out of homes and other buildings. Put 3 cups of calcium chloride in a nylon stocking and hang it up with a bucket positioned underneath. The bucket will catch water that's taken out of the air by the calcium chloride along with the odors. Another idea is to cut the top off a gallon milk jug and set a smaller container with holes punched in it inside the jug. Then fill the smaller container with calcium chloride. Put four or more of these in your cellar or basement and it'll eliminate moisture problems. You can shut off your dehumidifier. You should not dump the water you collect into your septic tank and be careful with it since it will kill grass.
Calcium chloride can be purchased at most farm stores and hardware stores. It can also be used to melt snow and ice in winter time. (Harold Bailey, "The Friendly Trapper", 3014 Middletown Rd., Columbiana, Ohio 44408 ph 216 549-2010)

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