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Adjustable Pitch harrow
"Our new 10-bar harrow is split into two 5-bar sections and can be easily adjusted to fine-tune it to almost any field condition," says Mitch Schruth, Pepin Farm Implements, Pepin, Wis.
The harrow comes with a lever on each 5-bar section, allowing the teeth on each section to be set at up to 6 different angles.
"It offers you a lot of flexibility in how you use a harrow. It can be used alone or behind your disk or field cultivator," says Schruth. "In wheat ground it works good for preparing the soil for planting even where there's a lot of straw. You can go through untouched corn stalks in the spring by laying the front teeth flat and setting the back teeth straighter up to do the actual till-age. The front teeth slide through the stalks while the back teeth allow residue to flow through. You can stand the front teeth straight up for full tillage and lay the back teeth down to make a fine seedbed."
The harrow is available in 5 1/2, 6, and 7-ft. wide sections. Prices range from $7,200 for a 24-ft. wide, 4-section model up to $9,400 for a 6-section, 39-ft. wide model. Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Pepin Farm Implements, Box 158, Pepin, Wis. 54759 (ph 800 637-3746).

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