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Bull Proof Mineral Feeder
"Even the toughest, meanest, strongest bull can't break or damage it," says Alan Schaefer of the indestructable mineral feeder-insecticide applicator he makes out of plastic 55-gal. barrels.
The secret is to suspend the barrel off the ground (so it swings and sways when cattle bump into it) and at a slight angle (to help keep rain or snow from entering the feeder's opening).
Called "The Swinger," you load it with salt and mineral (loose or block form). When an animal comes to eat, its forehead bumps a plate which, in turn, activates a built-in insecticide applicator, shooting a stream of liquid spray along the animal's back, from head to tail.
You can hang the barrel from a tree branch, or to a self-standing mounting frame. To load it with mineral or salt, just back up to it with your pickup, letting the barrel rest on the tailgate. After filling, you simply drive away, letting suspended barrel dangle.
Retails for $119 and comes in black, white or blue. Carrries a 5-year warranty against cracking, breakage.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Alan Schaefer, Hay Wrap Inc., P.O. Box A, Bloomsdale, Mo. 63627 (ph 1-800 248-9727, or 314 483-2552).

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