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Pre-Fab Farrowing Barns Sell For Half Price
"Everbody who has one of our Ham Can farrowing houses is sold on it. They can put it up for half the cost of a conventional house," says John Howerton, Chilhowee, Mo., hog producer and designer of the popular new pre-fab which you assemble in sections.
Howerton and his sons, Phil and Jim, market the "Ham Can" through H. and M. Supply. It's manufactured by Sentinel Wood Treating Co. The 10-crate or 20-crate building is pre-fabricated in 8 by 20 ft. sections and transported by truck to the building site.
Howerton says it takes his three-man crew about ten days to assemble and finish the house on the buyer's concrete foundation. He will work with the buyer to prepare the floor and concrete work. Or, he'll help supervise if you elect to put the kit together yourself.
A 20-sow house comes in four 5-crate modules. Each section is complete with insulated ceiling and walls, glassboard interior, plywood exterior, and galvanized corrugated roof. Each module includes woven wire flooring, ridge ventilation, sow feeders, nipple waterers, heat pads, flush tanks, ventilating fans with controls, and a 60,000 BTU liquid propane heater.
Price tag for the complete 20-sow unit is right at $23,500, plus freight. Howerton says a buyer can save money by picking up the units with his own truck. Another $2,000 must be added for the cost of putting in a concrete foundation and feeding areas.
The Howertons figure that you can have a complete 20 by 80 ft. 20-sow farrowing barn at a cost of $1,400 per sow. And that includes a flush system, ventilation, and heat.
The "Ham Can" building also can be put together as a 10-sow farrowing house, or as a 10 or 20-pen nursery.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, H. & M. Supply, Rt. 1, Box 164, Chilhowee, Mo. 64733 (ph 816 688-4141).

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