1996 - Volume #20, Issue #5, Page #34
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Skid Steer-Mounted Wire Roller

Rolling up barbed wire by hand used to take forever and it was always a pretty scratchy job. Now we can roll up as much as 1 mile of barbed wire fence per hour - without getting all cut-up - thanks to this skid steer-mounted wire roller we made out of odds and ends.
We started by making 5-ft. long angle iron brackets to extend the pallet forks on our Bobcat 643 loader. Then we made a bushing out of 2 5/8-in. dia. pipe. We fitted an-other pipe through the bushing and equipped each end with 3 1/2-ft. dia. steel wheels off an old grain conveyor that serve as sprockets. One of the wheels is belt-driven by a hydraulic pump, with a small pulley used for a belt tensioner. We welded rod around one side of the drive wheel to keep the belt from slipping off. (Joel Rosenau, 114 W. 10th St., Lemmon, S. Dak. 57638; ph 605 374-5444).

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1996 - Volume #20, Issue #5