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No Misses, Overlaps With Foam Marker
"Foam marking extends spraying time because you can spray early in the morning and into the evening. In fact, we have some customers who spray around the clock," says Richard Borglum, of Richway Products, Janesville, Iowa.
Successful night application of chemicals is possible because large foam balls are seen easily even with the tractor's headlights. In daytime, the foam balls mark any field, even when covered with trash or crop stubble, according to Borglum.
The Richway Foam Marker drops a dense white ball of foam 4 to 6 in. in dia. from the end of the sprayer boom to show where to spray the next round. Globs of foam stay in place for 15 minutes or more, depending on weather conditions.
The foam marker is a selfcontained unit that runs off a 12-volt power source. Tank capacity is 15 to 28 gals. Hoses and hose ends weigh just 3 lbs. Foam balls are controlled from an electric switch box mounted in the truck or tractor cab.
Foam balls can be spaced to drop from 10 to 40 ft. apart. One tankful of foam solution will last half a day when applied at a rate of 41/2 gals. per hour.
A small amount of foam concentrate is mixed with water in the tank, then metered with air to form the foam balls. The small amount of concentrate needed makes the cost low - from 1 to 5 cents per acre. The operator adjusts the frequency and size of the foam balls to suit his needs.
The Richway Foam Marker will fit any type sprayer or spreader. It can be installed on most models in 1 or 2 hours. Three sizes and models are available to fit any size operation. Prices range from $645 to $715. Foam concentrate costs about $14 per gallon which will give 8 to 15 hrs. of running time.
Borglum notes that there are applications for foam marking in addition to spraying: "One of our customers used his marker on a disc and sprayer so he could incorporate herbicides at night, and in dry fields that had a lot of plant debris on the surface."
For more details contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Richway Products, Janesville, Iowa 50647 (ph. 319 987-2224).

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