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Drying Wagon For Smaller Farms
"It's great for the smaller farm operator," says William Kanitz, president of RB Industries, Alma, Mich., manufacturer of the "new and different" grain-drying wagon.
"The smaller operator can work from field to storage without leg augers, hoppers, tanks or pits," Kanitz points out. His wagon's drying unit operates on electricity, LP or natural gas. A thermo-humidistat regulates the heater to bring grain automatically to the desired moisture level.
"The dryer wagon holds up to 288 Cu. ft. and will operate at grain depths from 2 to 26 in. Construction is of 14 ga. steel and supported by 8 in. I-beams. It features channel lock flooring with raised, slot-type perforations that prevent grain from blocking air flow. The wagon comes with three unloading doors, or an optional full-swing tailgate.
"In addition to our standard model, we can also build special order units for larger or smaller wagons, fifth wheel models and stationary units," explains Kanitz. "With higher sides, it can dry bulk crops like ear corn, peanuts, sunflowers, oats and bromegrass seed. Some operators have even dried bagged products, such as bags of breeder seed in foundation plots."
Components for the grain-drying wagon are sold separately. To get an idea of the price, the wagon box itself, minus the running gear, sells for $3,800. Meets "specs" for government financing of grain dryers.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, William Kanitz, RB Industries, 5619 West Van Buren Road, Alma, Mich. 48801 (ph 517 463-6290).

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