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New-Style Electric Centrifugal Nozzles
They're calling it the most revolutionary spray nozzle in years a vertically spinning disc nozzle that cuts chemical costs, get chemicals lower to the ground and gets them there faster.
The new nozzle, developed by Tecnoma in Epernay, France, won the gold medal as the most innovative new invention at the 1981 SIMA farm show in Paris. A Tecnoma spokesman told FARM SHOW that each rotating disc is powered by a small electric motor.
"Chemical is fed into the center of the disc and then thrown out by centrifugal force. However, chemical is only thrown out at a 140? angle to the ground. Chemical at the top of the disc is thrown back to the spray tank and recycled through the system," a company spokesman explains. "With this system, spray is directed at high velocity in such a way that it penetrates foliage to get to the base of crops. It also keeps chemicals from blowing away in the wind."
Other advantages of the design include more uniform droplets because of the pulverizing action of the discs, using less diluted chemical and therefore having to carry less water. And, unlike conventional nozzles, the Tecnoma nozzle won't plug up.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tecnoma, BP 195, Epernay, France (ph 26 51 99 99).

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