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Low Cost N-Serve Injector
"It saves us $25 to $30 on every tank of anhydrous," says Randy Mehringer, Jasper, Ind., about the gravity flow method he came up with for adding N-Serve nitrogen stabilizer to his anhydrous tanks. "When the dealer adds N-Serve, you pay for it by the gallon but, if you buy it by the barrel and add it yourself, you can save $3 to $4 a gallon. However, that usually requires an expensive pump."
Instead of a pump, Mehringer devised a way to inject N-Serve into anhydrous tanks, using a small LP tank like the ones found on gas barbecues and camping trailers. He put a fitting in the bottom that fits over the vapor valve on his anhydrous and put a valve in the top of the small tank. "You have to be extremely careful when cutting or drilling into an LP tank. I filled it with water before cutting into it to make sure there was no gas left inside."
Mehringer fastens the small tank down over the vapor valve on top of the anhydrous tank, leaving the vapor valve closed and opening the valve on top of the small tank. He pours N-Serve into the small tank with the help of a funnel and closes the top valve. Then he opens the vapor valve on the anhydrous tank and lets the anydrous blow up into the small tank.
"The first thing you hear is a Šwhoosh' as the anhydrous equalizes the pressure and then you hear a gurgling sound as the N-Serve runs down into the tank. It takes slightly longer ¨ 4 to 5 min. in all ¨ but the savings are more than worth it. I've done this for several years with no problems, although you have to be very careful working with anhydrous," he cautions.
Once the N-Serve has mixed down into the tank, he turns off the vapor valve on the big tank and opens the valve on top of the small tank, letting the anhydrous vapor inside escape. Then he removes the small tank.

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