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One Farmer's Guide To Ridge Tillage
Ed Huseby started ridge tilling in 1980 along with his father Julius on their west central Minnesota farm. He had such good results he decided to write a book to help other farmers understand the basics.
"As far as I know, it's the only comprehensive guide to ridge tillage on the market, covering all the different aspects from starting out to advanced methods," says Huseby, noting that his main crops are corn and soybeans. He uses a 6-row Buffalo planter and cultivator to work his ridges.
The book includes cost comparisons between conventional and ridge tillage. Huseby says he saves an average of about $22 per acre by ridge tilling and doesn't sacrifice any yield. "Almost all the people I know who ridge till say they have had no reduction in yields and, as a bonus, I have more free time between planting and harvesting. As for equipment, I know a number of farmers who sold the conventional equipment they no longer needed, bought new ridge-till equipment, and ended up with money left over."
The book also outlines steps to take for weed control, planting, cultivating, building the ridges, fertilizing, managing residue, wheel spacing, and the effect of ridge tilling on rotation of crops. All the information is presented in such a way that you can apply it to varying conditions and soil types.
The book sells for $4.95, plus $1.50 postage.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, A Guide To Ridge Tillage, P.O. Box 202, Pennock, Minn. 56279.

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