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Dairy Goats for Pleasure And Profit
Our good friend Dave Thompson, the editor and publisher of Dairy Goat Journal, says he has a suggestion for the many farmers and ranchers around the country looking for a new money-making enterprise: Why not try dairy goats? Dave's company recently published a book called "Dairy Goats For Pleasure and Profit" by Harry Considine, who is a leader in the dairy goat industry and at one time milked more than 500 head himself.
Dave points out that the demand for goat milk has boomed thanks to some unique properties of the milk. It's easy to digest, and it's more nutritious than cow's milk with large amounts of calcium and phosphorus, vitamin A and B-complex, and protein. Cheese is easier to make since the milk has a lower "curd tension" so cream does not separate as easily. Butter made from goat milk is pure white, and Dave says you haven't tasted ice cream until you've tried the goat variety.
Considine's book contains everything you need to know to set up a milking goat herd, including information about breeds, equipment, markets, feeding, health, and more. Sells for $17.95 plus $2 shipping and handling. You can also send for a complimentary copy of Dairy Goat Journal, or Dave Thompson's other publication, Sheep!. Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dairy Goat Journal, P.O. Box 10, Lake Mills, Wis. 53551.

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