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Sensors Keep Fertilizer Rates On Target
This first-of-its-kind precision metering device lets you precisely control spreading width of spinner-spreaders right from the tractor cab.
It consists of two electro-acoustic sensor rods that hang behind and to either side of the spinner disc, and an in-cab electronic control box. Scientists have analyzed fertilizer spread patterns over a wide variety of fertilizer types as it leaves the spinner disc and discovered that the pattern remains the same all the way to where the fertilizer lands on the field.
The two sensors constantly monitor spreading width. If it's too wide, the top red LED will light up. If the spreading width is too narrow, the bottom red LED will light. If the spreading width is correctly set, the center green LED will light up. The operator simply adjusts the spreader controls as needed. Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Sulky Burel S.A., Rue Fabien Burel - BP 4 - F - 35220 Chateaubourg (ph 99 62 39 39; fax 99 62 39 38).

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1995 - Volume #19, Issue #3