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Haul Big Bales With Your Truck
Give a farmer a need for equipment that's not available and you know what usually happens. He heads for his workshop to design and build his own. Next thing you know he's in the manufacturing business.
That's how Ambrose Hoff's bale carrier business, located at Richardton, N. Dak., got started three years ago. Today, he's turning out five of the large round bale carriers a day, and is gearing up for more. The units mount on any truck body.
"We were among the first farmers in this area to use large round balers," Hoff told FARM SHOW. "There just wasn't a good unit around for hauling them any distance."
The first units Hoff built were made from wood, but he soon discovered they were short-lived. Then he went to steel, which led to the units he's currently manufacturing.
The Hoff Bale Carrier fits any truck and actually increases truck box length. "Carriers can be extended up to 5 ft. beyond the truck box, depending on wheel base," Hoff explains.
Three models are available. The ?Model 800 is 16 ft. long, weighs 987 lbs., carries 8 bales and sells for $984. The 21 ft. Model 1100 carries 11 bales and sells for $1,084. The 25 ft. Model 1400, which weighs 1,522 lbs. and carries 13 bales, is priced at $1,212. All units are 9 ft. 6 in. wide.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hoff Machine & Weld, Richardton, N. Dak. 58652 (ph. 701 974-2160).

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