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New Uses For Fasse Hydraulic Valves
Exciting new uses are busting out all over for Fasse add-on hydraulic valves for tractors and trucks.
"We now offer, at half the price of factory outlets, a complete new lineup of one to six additional Remote Master outlets for 10 to 350 horsepower tractors," says Mark Fasse, President of Fasse Valves, Kearney, Neb. Applications include con-trolling hydraulics for loaders, planter and drill markers, earth moving equipment, boom sprayers, mower blades, folding toolbars and other situations where there's a need for extra tractor hydraulic outlets. In addition to tractors, Remote Master units are now available for combines, trucks, skid-steer loaders and industrial loaders.
"All of our Remote Master systems come with an electric control and wiring harness, making installation and operation easy and reliable," Fasse points out.
Bearlink hydraulic top link: "It's catching on fast," says Fasse of his company's special made 3.5 by 7 in. top link cylinder for providing in-cab control of rear or front mounted 3 pt. equipment. Rated fora 10,000 lb. load, its stroke limit is 7 in.
"We've had a lot of interest from corn and cotton farmers who use the Bearlink to tilt cultivator sweeps downward and free them, on the go, of trash and residue buildup. Thanks to the Bearlink, hitching and unhitching, and all tilting, raising and lowering functions of the 3 pt., can be con-trolled right from the tractor seat. A sight gauge helps ensure that equipment is operated at the desired depth."
The Bearlink kit, designed for do-it-yourself installation in 30 minutes or less, sells for $569. It's easily moved from tractor to tractor. For older tractors, Fasse offers a hydraulically piloted locking valve which prevents hydraulic fluid from leaking back into the tractor through worn spools. (New tractors come with one side of the outlet already load checked to prevent leakage.)
Bearlift truck box lift: This just-introduced labor-saver provides remote hoist control for trucks equipped with single or double acting cylinders. The kit, priced at $695 for toggle switch control ($895 for push button wireless control), is designed for do-it-yourself installation. It includes a valve, cab control electrical switch and harness, a rear box-mounted electrical switch and harness, and fittings to connect into the truck's hydraulic system. The wireless remote control unit can be operated up to 100 feet away from the truck. For more information, contact: FARM
SHOW Followup, Fasse Valves, Seven Rover Park, Kearney, Neb. 68848 (ph 1800 345-7745).

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