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New Go Anywhere Baby Sitter Chair
"If you were a baby, you'd love it, too," says Jerry Vickery, manufacturer of the new "Baby Sitter", a unique new high chair for babies that isn't really a chair at all.
"You just slip it over the edge of whatever table you're using. Unlike a cumbersome conventional high chair, this one's as easy to carry as a purse. What's more, it seats baby at the table with you not off to the side as with a conventional high chair. You can even take it along to church to seat baby with you in the pew."
The Baby Sitter is made from aluminum tubing with a nylon seat designed to fit babies of any age. One aluminum arm slips over the tabletop and the other below so that weight of the baby holds it in place. Rubber stoppers on the ends of the aluminum arms keep the Baby Sitter from slipping. Even if baby should try to dislodge it by kicking or pushing, it won't budge, according to Vickery.
The Baby Sitter is strong enough to hold a full-grown adult and, at the recent Missouri State Fair, where FARM SHOW spotted the new seat, Vickery climbed aboard to prove it. True to his claim, it held up easily.
The Baby Sitter sells for $16.50, plus $2.50 postage and handling.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Baby & Co., Rt. 3, Box 40A, Fulton, Mo. 65251 (ph 314 642-7674, or 642-6969).

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