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New No Gas Car Costs Penny/Mile To Operate
"It operates for less than a penny a mile and is great for less-crowded country roads, making it an ideal runabout for farmers and ranchers," says Donald Quinsey, national marketing director for the new Roadrunner Galaxie electric car. "It's in production, ready to show its stuff to anyone seriously interested in low cost transportation. Our tests show that total recharging and replacement cost of the batteries is just under a penny per mile."
Quinsey notes that you can't drive on freeways with the Roadrunner since it only goes 40 mph, putting it in the same licensing class as a Moped. It has a high and low gear, and reverse. Maximum driving distance on the car's four 6-volt battery pack is 30 to 60 miles, depending on how hilly, speed traveled, load carried, etc. It takes about 8 hrs. to re-charge the batteries.
The basic model sells for right at $3,500 and is available as a convertible, with a sunroof, side doors, or open doors and windows. Specs include a formed steel frame with fiberglass body, a low center of gravity to assure stability, independent hydraulic disk brakes in the rear and mechanical brakes in front, and turn signals. The rear wheels are 21 in. in dia.; the front wheel 16 in. Length is 78 in., width 52 1/2 in. and height is 55 in. Ground clearance is 5 in. Carries adriver and one adult passenger.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Roadrunner Galaxie, 1151 North Tustin Ave., Anaheim, Cal. 92807 (ph 714 630-7133).

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