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Cutter-Puller Helps Boost Soybean Yields
A Cutter-Pulley machine originally designed for harvesting edible beans is being used by Soybean growers to salvage low-growing pods that conventional cutterbars can't get. "On 40 bu. soybeans, we're finding it will salvage an extra 5 bu. or more per acre," Robert Kammer, president of United Farm Tools' Speedy Divison, Oelwein, Iowa, manufacturer of the new Speedy Cutter-Pulley, told FARM SHOW. He notes that soybeans whose growth has been stunted by drouth, late planting or frost tend to benefit most from the Cutter-Pulley.
It's equipped with 4 in. by 46 in. hardened steel knives which go below the ground to cut plants off and salvage low-growing pods that conventional cutterbars miss. It puts every two rows into a single windrow, which can be picked up by the combine, or pulled together into large windrows ahead of the combine. United offers a pto-driven rear-mounted windrower which can be used in conjunction with the Cutter-Pulley in a once-over operation, or pull windrows together as a separate follow-up operation.
Cost of nine different Cutter-Pulley models for handling 22 to 40 in. rows ranges from $1,616 (four 22 to 24 in. rows) to $2,975 (eight 30-in. rows).
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Speedy Mfg. Division, Box 311, Oelwein, Iowa 50662 (ph. 319 283-5451).

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