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Battery-Powered Grease Gun
You'll like this new battery-powered grease gun that lets you lubricate any grease zerk by simply pressing a switch.
Distributor Roy Mai modified a German-made grease gun to make the unit, mounting an adapter housing that contains a rechargeable battery on one end of the tube. The battery powers an electric motor which direct-drives a pump that's connected to the grease gun's plunger.
"It takes all the work out of greasing a machine," says Mai. "It works beter than an air grease gun because it's totally portable and doesn't need a compressor. The one-handed operation also makes it easy to use with a flex hose because you don't have to do any pumping. It exerts up to 2,500 lbs. of pressure so it'll put grease into the most stubborn zerk. Most conventional grease guns can exert no more than 1,800 lbs. of pressure. The battery will last for about two grease cartridges.
"It's a high pressure, low volume grease gun so it doesn't put out as much grease with every squirt as conventional high volume, low pressure grease guns put out. As a result it takes a little longer to do the job. However, it gives you more control and therefore reduces the possibility of over greasing."
Sells for $74.95 with standard nozzle. An 18-in. long nozzle and a flex nozzle are also available.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, R & R Distributing, Rt. 1, Box 35, Tribune, Kan. 67879 (ph 800 292-7692 or 316 376-4039).

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