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Whipper Reel cord Retriever
If you're tired of hassling with tangled-up extension cords, you'll want to take a look at this "Whipper Reel" cord retriever that fastens to walls or ceilings or can be staked to the ground.
It consists of a 13-in. dia. pvc reel and a length of pvc tube that the cord feeds into. One end of the tube attaches to the rim of the reel and the other attaches to a bracket that extends a couple feet out from the reel.
To wind a cord onto the reel, you simply grab onto the tube and use it to turn the reel in a clockwise direction.
"It takes just one hand to operate and has no motors or springs to wear out or break like on other cord retrieval systems. The cord flows in as smooth as silk," says Sonny Olson, manufacturer. "The reel holds up to 125 ft. of 14 or 16-ga. cord and up to 100 ft. of 12-ga. cord. You never have to touch the cord while winding it up."
Sells for $129.50.
Olson has also come up with an innovative air hose reel that he says is like nothing else on the market. The Ultra Lite Hosereel (weighs just 10 lbs.) comes pre-spooled with 50 ft. of 3/8-in. dia. air hose. "It has an ultra smooth exit and retrieve," notes Olson.
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