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New Front-Mounted Leveling, Tillage Tool
Tired of rough tractor rides and slow travel over fall plowed grounds? Then take a close look at the new "Easy Rider" front-mounted leveling attachment from Spencerville Implements, Spencerville, Ohio.
It levels the ground in front of the tractor tires for a smooth ride. You can attach just enough tines to level the area covered by the tractor's rear tires, or you can put tines all the way across to both level and till. With this up-front secondary tillage, you can field cultivate, incorporate chemicals and plant behind your tractor in a once-over operation.
"We think farmers will find a lot of uses for this new leveling-tillage tool," says Ron McClery, of Spencerville Implements. "For example, it could be used to scatter soybean straw, allowing you to use a field cultivator the first time over in preparing bean ground for wheat or other crops."
Easy Rider retails for $1,865 in a 12-ft. model, and $2,035 for a 15-ft. model. Optional flex wings boost maximum available width to 22 ft. Each model comes with 7 Danish tines on each end to work ahead of the rear tires only. Additional tines for the area in between are optional. You can choose between 1%, 21 or 4 in. shovels. The Easy Rider is raised hydraulically and comes with gougeprevention gauge wheels. Depth is hand regulated by two hitch jacks.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Spencerville implements, Highway 117 West, Spencerville, Ohio 45887 (ph 419 647-4118).

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