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New Self-Loading Manure Spreader
Latest new development in manure handling is a revolutionary self-loading spreader from Machine Agricole, Warwick, Can., that loads and spreads liquid, semi-solid, or solid manure by itself.
The 350 bu. spreader is equipped with a self-loading apron. You simply back the entire self-contained unit into a pit or lagoon and it loads itself in about three minutes. For spreading in the field, the loading apron lifts and folds hydraulically into a resting position on top the spreader.
"We think it's the cheapest method on the market for handling manure," says Eric Robinson, sales representative. "It allows one man, working alone without any other equipment, to haul manure without agitation or pumping equipment."
The box itself is water tight, allowing it to haul anything from pure liquid to pure solid manure, and anything in between. The apron for the spreader itself goes under the box, up around the outside of the front endgate, and then inside where it goes down the endgate, across the bottom and to the back, exiting out the top of the rear endgate which slopes 45? to the rear.
"It'll even self-load solid manure from an outside feedlot or yard," explains Robinson. "However, it won't scrape the lot clean. It leaves a 2 or 3 in. layer which you can easily scrape together into a pile with your tractor loader. We haven't tried it but I see no reason why you couldn't use the entire unit for uses other than hauling manure, such as backing into piled grain and self-loading it into the 350 bu. box."
Operates with a 70 hp or larger tractor and sells for $15,000 (Canadian dollars). Weighs right at 10,000 lbs.
For more information, write: Eric Robinson, Machine Agricole Bais Francs, 2 Parc St., P.O. Box 267, Warwich, Que., Can.

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