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Picker Wheels Modified To Handle Mud
"Our New Idea 3112-row corn picker pulled hard in wet conditions. To solve the problem we used lengths of channel iron and steel I-beam to extend the left wheel out 36 in. It now follows directly in the tractor wheel track. Running both picker wheels and wagon wheels in the same tracks made by the tractor significandy reduces rolling resistance and makes the picker much easier to pull," says John Sachar, Cranesville, Penn.
Sachar made other modifications to the picker. The twisting action caused by pulling the picker sideways in mud (before the left wheel was extended) caused the axle on the right side of the picker to break, so he reinforced it. He used a wheel assembly equipped with a 2 1/2 in. dia. axle stub and welded a bracket for it onto the original mounting hole on the right wheel. He also replaced the right tire with a bigger 13.6 by 26 rear tractor tire for added flotation, removing a shield so that it would fit. He replaced the original 9.50 by 15 tires on the wagon with 9.50 by 20 tires for more clearance. He hooks the wagon on behind the extreme left side of the picker.
"With these modifications we find that we get stuck a lot less than we did be-fore," says Sachar. "We do some custom corn picking and our customers are amazed by our ability to go in sloppy, wet conditions.
"The left wheel extension makes the corn picker almost 16 ft. wide so it's more difficult to go down the road. When we have to travel a long distance, we remove the extension by removing two bolts and two pins and put the original wheel mounting assembly back on."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Sachar, 9937 Ivareh Rd., Cranesville, Penn.16410 (ph 814 756-3975).

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