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Spread Liquid Manure With Your Grain Truck
A new attachment from Lloyd's Mfg., Ltd., Wadena, Sask., lets you spread liquid manure with a standard grain truck.
The fan-type spreader bolts into the center panel of the truck endgate in minutes and runs off the truck's pto and hydraulic system. Fan blades spread in a 30-ft. swath, depending on ground speed, emptying an average-sized grain truck load in about 10 minutes.
The manufacturer says the spreader can handle manure with straw, but that if the manure is too thick, water should be added. Most units sold so far have gone to hog farms.
The only modification to the truck, other than the rear spreader, are baffles inside the box that keep the load from sloshing. Farmers who have used the system say they have not had trouble with manure spilling out during road travel.
The truck box spreader kit sells for $2,210.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lloyd's Mfg., Ltd., Box 850, Wadena, Sask. SOA 4JO (ph 306 338-2480).

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