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Have You Played The Farming Game
Like most farmers, Donnie McDonald, Neel, Ala., is upset over low farm profits. But, while his friends have been joining tractor-cades to protest, McDonald has come up with his own way to express his views. He's invented a game that points up the harsh realities of farming.
The object of "Rich Farmer, Poor Farmer" is to out-think your opponents, pile up money and land, and drive other players out of business. Says McDonald, "It's played just like real life."
Each player in his turn flips a spinner in the center of the board and moves a tractor-shaped token the designated number of spaces. If you're lucky, you can buy more property and make huge profits from your investments. But along the way you might land on the wrong square, or pick up a risk card that brings drought or a hail storm to ruin your "crops".
You can plow, plant, fertilize and harvest on your game property, as well as collect rent from other players who use your land. "The winner of the game is determined by good money management and the gamble that good weather conditions will hold," says McDonald.
He has contacted major department stores and manufacturers about the game, and has gotten Alabama Sen. John Sparkman to endorse it.
Meanwhile, the first printing of games is selling like hotcakes.
McDonald sold more than 5000 sets in two days at the recent Sunbelt Show in Moultrie, Ga. The game retails for $10.00 a set.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Donnie McDonald, McJay Game Co., Inc., 17 East Moulton St,, DQcatur, Ala. 35601 (ph 205 353-8752).

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