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Power Gravity Box First Of Its Kind
You've never seen anything like it a first-of-its-kind power gravity box that handles high moisture shelled corn, ear corn and other "sticky" grains without the usual bridging problems. What's more, it's designed so all four wheels carry an equal amount of weight, making a fully loaded wagon less apt to tip on rolling ground than conventional "high side" gravity wagons.
The key exclusive feature of the new-style Derco gravity box is a bottom cross conveyor. The wagon's 37? sloping sides gravity feed ear corn or grain into the 19 1/2 in. wide horizontal apron which, in turn, powers it out the discharge chute in a matter of seconds.
"In testing the prototypes, we used them to haul high moisture ear corn right from the picker. "We had no bridging problems whatsoever with regular high moisture ear corn, or ground high moisture corn," reports Erwin Denzin, designer and manufacturer. "We haven't tried it with finely ground oats or barley but I believe it will handle even this type of feed without bothersome bridging problems. It works great for handling high moisture ground corn as it comes out of the silo. You can load from the silo directly into the wagon, then use the cross conveyor and discharge chute to unload into a feeder auger or directly into a low-slung fenceline bunk."
A control handle on the cross conveyer, which operates off a combination pto and belt drive, can be flipped on and off to gradually "inch" the load. Or, the apron can be put in grear and the entire load discharged in a matter of seconds.
The box is made of 12 gauge steel and measures 7 ft. wide, 10 ft. long and 5 ft. deep. It holds 212 bu. and weighs 1,534 lbs., which figures out to about 7 1/2 lbs. of box weight per bu. of capacity (without sideboards). "That's heavier than any other steel wagon box on the market that we know of," says Denzin. He notes that the top side comes with built-in stake pockets if you want to add sideboards.
The pto-driven cross conveyor is available with standard right hand discharge (units with left hand discharge and front-mounted pto drive are available on special order).
The new-style power gravity box retails for $995.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Denzin and Rahn Mfg. Co., Hwy. 151 N., Waupum, Wis. 53963 (ph. 414 324-5794).

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