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You've Never Seen A Planter Like This!
"It's as accurate as a Max-Emerge planter," says Barry Handy, Scobey, Mont., who's come up with a revolutionary new add-on planting system that gives pinpoint accuracy to chisel plow shanks used in conjunction with air seeders to plant everything from grass seed and small grains to corn and soybeans.
The add-on planter unit fits behind a plow shank and floats up and down on a spring-loaded depth control bar. No matter how deep the plow shank goes, or how uneven the ground, each individual planting unit maintains its predetermined depth. The planter unit also includes a 3-way manifold that'll deep-band dry, liquid or anhydrous fertilizer in parallel rows with the seed.
"It's much more accurate than any air seeder, double disk drill or hoe drill already on the market simply because of its near-perfect depth control. Because it's also as accurate as any row crop planter available, it's the only planting system you'll ever need," Handy told FARM SHOW.
Fertilizer is deep-injected through a knife mounted directly behind the chisel plow shank. Seed is dropped just behind the fertilizer knife through a 12-in. wide sweep. The sweep is mounted on a depth control bar which allows it to float up and down. A small gauge wheel mounted on the sweep maintains proper depth. Seed is planted 3 in. off to either side of the center of the 12-in. wide sweep, through seed tubes built into the bottom of the sweep, resulting in 6-in. spaced rows. Row spacing can be changed by moving the sweeps or plugging up one of the seed tubes on the sweeps.
"It'll do anything a no-till drill can do and more," notes Handy. "We can deep band fertilizer and incorporate chemical at the same time. We can plant at any given depth and, because the chisel plow brings up moist ground from below, we can start crops under very dry conditions. It maintains precise depth control even on terraces or hills."
The planting units can be used in conjunction with any chisel plow or air seeder and can be easily attached or removed. All rows can be monitored. Packer wheels follow each row unit.
"Even with conventional double disk or hoe drills seed depth often varies 2 to 3 in. This drill won't vary at all once it's set since the planter unit floats up and down as much as 8 in. on the depth control bar. We've even planted grass and alfalfa seed accurately at 1/16th-in. depth," says Handy. "Also, we don't know of any other drill that'll deep band fertilizer in rows parallel with the seed and allow you to incorporate fertilizer all in one operation. What's more, you can tilt the angle of the sweep forward or back to adapt to hard or soft ground or the amount of stubble on the ground."
Handy, who also builds an innovative rod weeder, has been working on his add-on planter unit for the past 7 years. Row units can be set to plant in 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 12-in. spaced rows. It sells for right at $250 per row.
For more information, contact:FARM SHOW Followup, Barry L. Handy, President, Handy Industries, Inc., Box 2520, Scobey, Mont. 59263 (ph 406 783-5347 or 783-5631).

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