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Can You Use A Stump Cutter?
Stump cutting is getting to be a popular sideline custom service for farmers, says Bernard Hnath, general manager of Ashland Industries, manufacturer of the new Stumpmaster which "disappears" a 24 in. dia. stump (to 14 in. below ground level) in less than 15 min.
The Stumpmaster operates off the tractor's pto and hydraulic system. Its cutting wheel is equipped with carbide-tipped cutting teeth. The teeth are distributed over both the edge and face of the cutting wheel, letting it cut ful-face as it's maneuvered across the stump, grinding it to chips. Two hydraulically-lowered stabilizer legs hold the cutter in place.
The Stumpmaster requires a minimum 40-hp. tractor to cut at its maximum speed. It will handle stumps of any diameter and up to 36 in. high from ground level. (Stumps higher than this can easily be reduced to size with a chain saw). Most farmers who buy the machines to do custom work hire out to cities, parks and homeowners. The going rate for custom stump cutting is right at $1.50$3.00 per inch of stump dia. FHA requires that stumps be removed before they finance a home, a policy that helps generate business in many areas, Hnath points out.
Suggested retail is $5,185. Replacement teeth sell for about $12 ea. but rarely have to be replaced if you avoid running the wheel in dirt, says Hnath.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bernard Hnath, General Manager, Ashland Industries, P. 0. Box 47, Ashland. Wis. 54806 (715 682-4622).

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