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You'll Like This New Sprayer Calibrator
You're going to like the new hand-held McKenzie Calibrator that, in only a matter of seconds, gives you a fast, accurate reading on the operating condition of each nozzle.
The handy new calibrator is self-contained, doing the job itself without a stop watch, tape measure, sample-collection container, or any such auxiliary equipment. What's more, it isn't all that expensive --only $34.95.
In one easy step, it tells you the nozzle's output (in gallons per minute) and how much liquid you're applying (in gallons per acre). You simply fill the sprayer tank with clean water, turn on the spraying system and adjust pressure to the desired level. With one hand, you hold the McKenzie Calibrator vertically. With the other, you hold the nozzle adapter so that the nozzle tip is snugly inside the adapter cup and its airtight rubber seal.
Nozzle output in gallons per minute (GPM) is recorded directly on the left hand side of the scale. A small black marble pinpoints the exact reading. To determine output in gallons per acre (GPA), you read from the right side of the scale to get flow rate. A simple calculation, taking into account flow rate, plus width and travel speed of the spray rig, gives you nozzle output in gallons per acre.
"It only takes about 15 minutes to accurately calibrate every nozzle on an average-size crop sprayer," notes Pete McKenzie, manufacturer.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup "The McKenzie Calibrator", c/o Sprayer Calibrator Corp., P.O. Box M, Fort Collins, Colo. 80522 (ph toll free day or night 1-800 257-7729).

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