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Can You Prove It's Your Property?
If your shop tools, machinery or other equipment is stolen, there's no assurance it can be recovered-if there are no permanent serial or other identification numbers. Stolen property that can't be positively identified can't be used as evidence against a suspected burglar.

Here's an easy way to make sure you can prove it's your property: Brand it with the new model 4900 electric engraver from Rockwell International. It permanently engraves metal, glass, plastic and wood. Features a replaceable carbide point, adjustable depth of cut, and pencil grip design for sure control. In addition to discouraging would-be burglars, your mark on tools and equipment helps remind borrowers where to return them, and helps prevent property mixups.

Check with your local sheriff or Farm Bureau officials to see if your county participates in an organized farm and ranch crime prevention program. If so, officials will be able to suggest a special code to use in marking your equipment. Each participating farm has an ID number which is registered with the county sheriff's office. Federal, state and county agencies concerned with the transportation of stolen property across state lines receive a directory which enables them to quickly locate these ID numbers.

For instances, if you were a John A. Doe, of David City, Neb., your number would be NB02503061D. The NB is for Nebraska, "025" is for Butler County, and 0306 indicates you were the 306th farmer participating in the program whose last name begins with D.

Regardless of which type of code or mark you use, it's recommended that you place it on more than one place on most equipment, including some out-of-way location known only to you.

For more details on the electric engraver, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rockwell International, J. M. Sheehan, public relations manager, Suite 600, 6263 Popular Avenue, Memphis, Tenn. 38138 (ph 901-671-3820).

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