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New-Style Dispenser For Dry Materials
New uses are busting out all over for the unique "Spencer Dispenser", invented by Spencer Hanson, of Blair, Wis.
Designed to accurately dispense a wide variety of dry materials, such as fertilizer, insecticides or feed additives and preservatives, it's reportedly the only dispenser on the market that works accurately even on steep slopes or sidehills.
As it rotates, it accurately dispenses dry materials ranging in size from small crystals to large granules. Any number of materials may be dispensed simultaneously with each being tubed to the correct place. The unit can also be timed to deliver materials close to the seed, and for coating seeds with innoculants or fungicides as it dispenses.
The unit is made up of individual plastic rings each about 18 in. in dia., about 2 in, wide, and with two rectangular shaped grooves about 314 in, deep around its circumference. Individual rings can be ganged together to make up a hollow drum of 10 or 12 rings, or larger if needed. Individual rings have three "input" and three "output" openings. The "input" openings can be adjusted via special plugs to be wide open, partially open or completely closed. Delivery rate is determined by adjusting these openings, by the number of rings making up the drum, and by rotation speed of the drum.
"We've used the dispenser on planters to apply insecticides, and on a chopper to apply a bloat preservative on green chop alfalfa," explains Hanson. "It can also be used on balers to apply hay preservatives, or on feed bunks or blowers to dispense feed additives."
There are no moving parts to wear out and the unit is rust and corrosion proof. Plans for putting the patented dispenser into commercial production were being finalized as this issue of FARM SHOW went to press.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, D. Spencer Corp., Spencer Hanson, Pres., Blair, Wis.
54616 (ph 608 989-2467).

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