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Brooder Box For Baby Pigs
New polyethylene brooder box creates a healthy, ventilated environment for baby pigs that results in a higher survival rate, according to Hampel Corp., Germantown, Wis.
The "Pig-tel Comfort Hutch" replaces the divider board between farrowing crates. It's built in two sections which can be accessed from either or both sides The top of each section has a clear plastic access lid that provides a clear view of pigs inside. The lid has a "cam" lever that's adjusted to let more or less outside air into the box. A 75 watt light bulb provides heat. The bottom of the brooder box is lined with a polyethylene floor mat.
"It provides a warm, draft free environment for baby pigs that pays for itself in improved production, lower health and heating costs, and more baby pigs saved per litter," says Don Gurda, sales manager. "After nursing, baby pigs return to the box for shelter and comfort. They're out of the way of the sow which reduces the number of pigs lost due to crushing. Lower heating costs are possible because you can use household bulbs instead of expensive high-watt heat lamps or heat mats. The temperature in the brooder box should be kept at about 90 degrees, but the temperature in the farrowing building can be 70 degrees or lower, resulting in tremendous energy savings. Cooler sows will stay healthier and produce more milk."
The brooder box has drain holes at the bottom on each side allowing it to be washed inside with a high pressure hose. Adjusts to fit most crate sizes.
Sells for $179.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hampel Corp., Box 39, Germantown, Wis. 53022 (ph 414 255-4540 or 800 558-8558).

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