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Slickest Truck Top We've Ever Seen
You've never seen a truck top like this automatic fold-down cover built by Lloyd Hamilton, Cymric, Sask.
In the closed position, the two halves of the top lie flat across the 2-ton truck bed, tightly sealing loads of grain from rain and wind. When Hamilton flips a hydraulic lever just behind the cab, the two halves of the cover quickly lift up and slide down the outside of the truck box. In the down position, they take up only 2 or 3 in. of room.
"I like it because you don't need much room to open it. They slide down flat against the sides out of the way," says Hamilton, who raises seed grains that must be handled carefully.
He built the truck top's unique opening mechanism by bolting two 12-in. dia. pulleys to a pair of pivoting brackets at the front of the truck box. The pulleys are turned by belts from a gearbox and hydraulic motor mounted along the lower front of the truck bed. As the pulleys turn, they flip the brackets upward, lifting the two halves of the cover which slide down along the truck sides. To flip the covers back into closed position, the direction the pulleys turn is simply reversed.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lloyd C. Hamilton, Box 12, Cymric, Sask. Canada S0G 0Z0 (ph 306 484-4627).

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1987 - Volume #11, Issue #4