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Hollow Point Sickle Sections
Thanks to the PIK program, everyone paid a lot more attention to their mowers last summer and one Iowa farmer, Robert Spereslage, of Greeley, discovered a modification for sickle sections that he says, increases cutting capacity of his sickle mower and helps keep sections sharp.
"Regular-shaped pointed sections with a blunt leading edge tend to push material away. Hollowing out the point draws the material onto the section, allowing it to cut quicker and more efficiently," says Spereslage. "Whether we hollow out old sections or brand new ones, it does a super job and we're able to go faster and cut cleaner. We've also noticed that the sections stay sharper longer.
To do the hollowing out, Spereslage uses an electric grinder. He cuts a curve into the end of the section that's 1/16 to 1/8 in. deep. "If you have rocky soil you should hollow it out less to avoid chipping," he notes.

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1984 - Volume #8, Issue #3