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New Control Switch Is A Humdinger
Unable to keep a conventional pressure switch from sticking, an Indiana hog farmer solved the problem by inventing a new "Humdinger" switch for automatically turning grain and feed augers on and off.
Activated by a built-in light bulb and electric eye sensor, it operates automatically whether in broad daylight or total darkness. "Unlike conventional paddle-operated pressure switches, it has no moving parts and isn't affected in the least by moisture content of the feed or grain. What's more, it's easy to install. Just mount it on a 3 in. dia. clear plastic tube and plug it into any 110 volt outlet. In fact, it can be wired to the existing wiring of the pressure type switch it is replacing," explains Ed Smith, Jr., inventor and manufacturer of the Humdinger switch.
He notes that when the 3 in. tube is full of feed, the feed blocks passage of light from the unit's bulb to an electric eye sensor. As feed in the tube drops down to a certain point, the barrier is eliminated - light from the bulb automatically triggers the sensor which, in turn, starts the auger. The unit can also work in reverse so as to automatically shut off the auger when a bin or feeder is full. "It works on any type of grain and is simple to install in bins, feeders or wherever needed," Smith told FARM SHOW.
Suggested retail is $92.50, less shipping.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Avilla Enterprises,
Box 546, Avilla, Ind. 56710 (ph 219 897-3104).

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