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New-Style Fly Trap
"It catches flies by the thousands with no need for strong-smelling and expensive chemical baits," says Frank Gonsior, Central City, Neb., about his "natural bait" fly trap.
The new fly trap consists of a four-legged screened cylinder with a screen mesh cone inside, mounted with the big end down. The top of the cone has a 2-in. dia. opening. Banana peelings, rotten apples, peach skins, old tomatoes, straw-berries, or other pieces of garbage are placed in a container directly under the inverted cone. When flies attracted to the food take off, they right fly up through the cone and into the trap, then can't find their way back out.
"There are no smelly liquid baits and no chemicals which makes it safe to use around the house or in livestock buildings," says Gonsior. "Any kind of garbage can be used - the older the better. The flies eventually die and fall onto the floor of the trap where they dry up. Dead flies can be emptied out by removing the lid on top and holding the trap upside down. It also catches any kind of bugs or moths."
The frame of the trap is made out of 3/ 4-in. plywood. The screen mesh is held in place by aluminum strips around the top and bottom.
Three different sizes are available. A 14-in. high, 6-in. dia. model sells for $14, a 20-in. high, 12-in. dia. model sells for $20, and a 28-in. high, 18-in. dia. model sells for $30.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Frank Gonsior, Rt. 2, Box 208, Central City, Neb. 68826 (ph 308 548-2603).

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