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Make Yourself A Crime-Fighting Dummy
"After our home was robbed for the second time, the investigating officer told me that most break-ins occur when no one is at home," explains Pricilla Larson, creator of "Hercules the house sitter and car companion."
"In thinking about what the officer had said, I hit on the idea of Hercules a lifelike dummy that would make our home look occupied while we were away," Pricilla recalls.
Using a willing relative as a model, she formed a likeness by laying strips of wet plaster tape over the relative's face. A rummage sale wig was trimmed to resemble his hair style and the hair clippings provided a beard. Pricilla formed a skeleton of 12 ga. wire, flexible enough to allow a variety of positions, yet sturdy enough to support the stuffing that contours the body housed in a turtleneck sweater and tights. Dressed in closet discards, the barrel chested, broad-shouldered brute that emerged became "Hercules the house sitter."
Hercules is always at home sometimes reading, sometimes napping on the sofa or sitting at the table to discourage would-be burglars when the Larsons are away.
"I often take Hercules along in the car when driving alone, especially at night," Pricilla told FARM SHOW. His silhouette gives the impression that I'm not alone in the car."
Because of the widespread interest Hercules has created, Pricilla put together a booklet describing how she created Hercules. "With these easy to-follow instructions, most anybody can make their own low cost, real-looking, crime-fighting dummy," she notes.
The booklet sells for $4.75, including postage and handling.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rogers Publications, c/o Pricilla Larson, Box 444, Lexington, Mass. 02173 (ph 617 862-8918).

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