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Avco Unveils First Big Bale Slicer
First on the market with a "slicer" for big round bales is Avco New Idea.
Available as an option on Avco's model 484 baler, the slicer knife cuts freshly-made big bales in half after they've been tied. Each half comes out of the baler tied and each half has sufficient "footing" to remain standing upright by itself. Bales can be completely sliced in two as they're made. Or, the operator can control depth of the knife so it scores the bale but doesn't cut completely through, leaving an uncut core about 10 in. in dia. in the center. If handled carefully, the "scored" bale can be transported to headquarters intact, then broken in half for easy handling as it's fed by simply bumping or jarring it with the tractor loader bucket.
Avco engineers note that the 484 has two tying arms, each of which start at the outside and work independently toward the middle to tie on half of the bale. This tying feature, coupled with the 484's endless belt design, make it possible to add the slicing-scoring knife. "It would be difficult to adapt to balers which use only one tying arm, or which use chains instead of belts to form the bale," they point out.
If, for any reason, the operator doesn't want the bales sliced or scored, he simply ejects them without activating the "slicer" knife control lever.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Avco New Idea, Coldwater, Ohio 45828 (ph 419 678-5294).

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