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Muffler Eliminator For International Tractors
If you own an International 1086, 1486 or 1586 tractor, you'll be interested in the new "Muffler Eliminator" attachment from Thomure Mfg., East Prairie, Mo.
"It boosts horsepower, saves fuel and makes the engine run a lot cooler," Claud Thomure, manufacturer of the new attachment, told FARM SHOW. "We're getting a lot of requests for it from farmer-owners of other makes of tractors. We've got one about ready to go for the new model Case tractors and hope to be able to fit other makes of tractors in the near future."
For IH tractors (Models 1086, 1486 and 1586), the muffler is removed and the "Muffler Eliminator" installed. The exhaust stack goes back in place once the attachment is installed.
"With a cab on the tractor, removing the muffler doesn't seem to make a whole lot of difference on noise level," says Claud. "One farmer who made the conversion figures he gets about 15 extra horsepower from the same tractor. Another farmer, who said his new IH ran so hot right from, the factory that paint around the muffler started peeling off after a few hours use, solved the problem when he installed the Eliminator, which retails for $49.50. For another $49.50, you can buy a stainless steel exhaust stack to go on your mufflerless tractor."
Thomure Mfg. also offers chromeplated or stainless steel exhaust stacks to fit most makes of tractors and trucks. Cost of a stainless steel stack 48 in.
long (3 in. in dia.) is $49.50. The chrome-plated stacks retail for $20.50, and black painted steel stacks for $10.85.
"Rust flaking off a corroded muffler sifts down through the exhaust parts of a tractor engine, gaining entry into the valve and cylinder area," explains Thomure. "If rust gets under the valves, they will not seat properly and could burn up. And, because of the close tolerance between the pistons and cylinder walls, rust will score the sides of the pistons and cylinder walls, ruining the pistons and causingioss of compression."
The stainless steel exhaust stacks for tractors or trucks carry a lifetime guarantee against rust and burn out.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Thomure Mfg., Route 1, East Prairie, Mo. 63845 (ph 314 649-3628).

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