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Railroad Tank Car Stores Fertilizer
Old railroad tank cars work great for storing liquid fertilizer, says Jack McG-regor, Clinton, Ontario, who stores up to 10,000 gal. of 28% liquid nitrogen in a junked-out tank car.
McGregor paid $500 for the tank car which he bought from a neighbor. He hired a crane to place the tank car in his farm yard.
"Having on-farm storage lets me buy liquid fertilizer in bulk when prices are low," says McGregor, who uses a truck-mounted tank for broadcast application and a cultivator for sidedress application in the spring. "For example, I was able to buy 28% liquid nitrogen a year ago last fall when it sold for $118 per ton compared to $160 per ton last spring. I had been using anhydrous ammonia, but when I switched to ridge till it wouldn't seal in properly on my heavy soil. Also, I wanted to dribble in liquid nitrogen behind my ridge-till cultivator.
"Liquid nitrogen generally costs more than anhydrous, but being able to take advantage of price savings lets me cut the difference. Having large storage capacity also saves trips to my local supplier. The tank car has heavy 1/2-in. thick steel so it won't rust out for many years."
McGregor piled up two long mounds of sand and laid the tank car between them. He installed a 3-in. dia. valve on one end for unloading, as well as a sight gauge. The tank car loads from the bottom.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jack McGregor, Rt. 5, Clinton, Ontario Canada NOM 1LO (ph 519 233-9955).

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