1982 - Volume #6, Issue #2, Page #21
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Blow Hard Bunk Cleaner

Blizzards can create plenty of problems for cattlemen, not the least of which is getting snow out of feed bunks. A Nebraska manufacturing firm has solved the problem with a PTO-driven blower that quickly cleans out bunks with strong air pressure.
Called the "Blow Hard", it also "works great" in summer to blow out rain water, or wet feed in any size or shape, out of feed bunks.
At full speed (1000 rpm's) it creates a wind of 300 mph that will blow away almost everything that's not tied down. The 22 in. dia. fan is driven by a heavy-duty, non-slip cog belt.
"We're finding new uses for it every day," says the manufacturer."We can reverse it and use the vacuum to clean out grain bins and elevator legs. We haven't tried it for drying or cooling grain, but it could probably handle smaller batches. We've just designed a deflector for it so it will blow material in one direction rather than in all directions. The 22 in. fan can be slowed down to blow fly spray onto cattle."
The Blow Hard attaches by 3 pt. hitch and runs off the PTO. An 80 hp tractor is recommended. The blower has a price tag of $3,995. "The frame is made of 3 in. channel, and we use 11 ga. steel throughout. It's built to last," says the manufacturer.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, West Point Mfg. Co., 203 N. Mill St., West Point, Neb. 68788 (ph 402 372-5510).

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1982 - Volume #6, Issue #2