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Warmer Solves LP Freeze-Up
"It was a big problem whenever we dried corn," says Robert Spereslage about the LP tank freeze-up problem that used to bring corn drying to a halt during busy harvest days when LP consumption was at its peak. Here's how he eliminated the freeze-up problem on his Greeley, Iowa farm.
"The tank usually froze up when it was down to about 1/3 full and when consumption was at its peak. We'd get thick cakes of ice on the side of the tank and would either have to wait for the tank to thaw or have the tank refilled."
He solved the problem by running a length of 4-in. dia. PVC pipe from the fan housing on the drying bin, where a small amount of warm air is captured, to the base of the LP tank about 50 ft. away. The pipe comes up underneath the tank and blows warm air directly onto the tank whenever the dryer is in operation. Spereslage covers the tank with canvas to act as a tent to aid the warming process. The pipe is buried 12 to 14 in. under ground.

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