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Unplugger Opens Clogged Pipes, Wells
Latest new tool for unplugging clogged pipes, drains or wells is Drain Jet, a hand-operated gun that fires C02 cartridges.
"It'll handle most plugging problems with household plumbing and sewer systems," explains Jim Phillips, of Western Maintenance Products, San Francisco, Calif., the manufacturer. "What's more, it's easy and safe to operate. Your wife or teenage son or daughter can run
Here's how it works:
You load the Drain Jet with one to ten individual C02 cartridges, depending on how bad the plugging problem is and how big a pipe is involved. As the cartridges discharge, the compressed air they release is fired against a column of water. This charge creates a shock wave that breaks up practically any stoppage, the manufacturer points out.
"If it's a relatively small blockage, one cartridge delivering 40 lbs. Of force might be sufficient to do the job. For tougher jobs, a full 4001b. load (10 cartridges each delivering a 40 lb. force) may be needed," Phillips explains. The gun has been tested at forces up to 5,500 lbs. so the full 400 lb. load poses no danger to the operator," he points out.
The Drain Jet gun is said to be especially effective when a line is blocked on the far side of tight bends and it's hard to get through with snake-type cleaning devices. "The blast force travels so swiftly through the water that it bypasses stacks and vents before they can dissipate its impact, according to the manufacturer. "Ninety-eight percent of its energy
hits the stoppage, while only 2% is spent against the pipe walls. There is no pressure build up in the plumbing system so pipes and joints are protected."
Suggested retail is $39.95, plus $2.50 per box of 10 C02 cartridges.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Western Maintenance Products, 325 Corey Way, San Francisco, Calif. 94124  (ph.415-873-6596).

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