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New Horse Breed Catching On Fast
Two of the world's most popular horse breeds have combined to produce a new breed that's catching on fast all over North America.
The first "Pintabian" foals hit the ground only three years ago and there's still less than 200 in the world, but word is spreading fast. They're so striking-looking because they bear the large irregular spots of one of their parents, the Pinto, and the physical characteristics and temperament of the other, the Arabian.
The breed was developed over the past 30 years by crossing Pinto foals back to purebred Arabians until horses with spotted markings and 99 percent Arabian blood resulted.
"Spotted horses, no matter what breed, have really been in demand the last three or four years," notes Rozanne Rector, founder of the Pintabian Horse Registry Inc., at Karlstad, Minn., the self-proclaimed "Pintabian Capital of the World."
"What makes Pintabians so popular is that they have the markings of Pintos but the loving disposition, high tail carriage, arched neck, majestic way of moving, and dished face of the Arabian," she says.
With demand strong and numbers small, prices for the horses are unbelievable. Stud fees range from $1,000 to $5,000. "Rule of thumb is that offspring should be valued at least five times the stud fee," Rector says.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Pintabian Horse Registry Inc., P.O. Box A, Karlstad, Minn. 56732.

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