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First Popcorn Popper For Microwave Ovens
New from Amana Refrigeration is the Radarange, billed as "the first microwave oven popcorn popper".
It pops 2 to 3 qts of popcorn in 31/z minutes and requires no oil, shaking or stirring.
Because popcorn kernels don't readily absorb microwaves, heating ordinary popcorn in a bag or regular dish can cause problems, explains Fred Streicher, manager of public relations for Amana. "Up until now, manufacturers have not recommended popping ordinarly popcorn in a microwave oven. Our new Radarange has a concentrator base supporting the bottom of a 3 qt. covered cone. This base focuses microwave energy at the bottom of the cone to pop kernels fast - without shaking or stirring. The concentrated energy is strong enough to pop the kernels quickly. As kernels pop to the top of the cone, unpopped corn settles to the bottom where it is heated and eventually popped."
Since oil isn't needed for popping, popcorn made in the Radarange has fewer calories and no added cholesterol - plus there's no greasy container to clean, Streicher points out.
Sells for $29.95.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Amana Refrigeration, Amana, Iowa 52204 (ph 319-622-5511).

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