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Non-Hydraulic Log Splitter
Except for those cone-shaped spirals, virtually every mechanized log splitter on the market uses a hydraulic cylinder to provide the splitting force.
Now comes the Woodsman, a first-of-its-kind "non-hydraulic" splitter that uses a revolutionary worm shaft drive instead of a hydraulic cylinder.
The 5-hp gas engine rotates the shaft, moving a large "nut" forward or backward inside the heavy steel beam box. This nut is attached to the pusher plate which forces the log toward the wedge with tremendous force but under complete control at all times.
"The mechanical principle is similar to the operation of a common bench vise- rotating the shaft closes the vise by moving one jaw toward the other," the manufacturer explains. "On the Woodsman, the engine rotates the shaft and the stationary jaw is the wedge."
A simple V-belt drive activates the shaft in response to pressure on the control arm. Releasing the control arm stops the motion of the pusher plate. Reverse pressure on the arm engages the reverse drive and returns the pusher plate for the next log. The stroke may be stopped, started or reversed at any point for maximum efficiency in splitting varying length logs. The pusher plate travels to within 11/4 in. of the wedge for complete splitting of stringy woods.
Another key feature of the Woodsman is its fast 3 to 5 second stroke return. Splitting time is 16 to 18 seconds per log, depending on the model.
The model 2003 Woodsman splits logs up to 20 in. in length. There is no physical limit to diameter of logs it will handle but the manufacturer says it performs best on logs up to about 18 in. in dia.
The model 2605 is equipped with a 5-hp, engine and generates over 30,000 lbs. of splitting force. The pusher plate travels to within 11/4 in. of the wedge to split stringy logs completely.
The model 2605T is the same splitter as the 2605 except that it has the added convenience of a complete highway towing package - high speed highway tires and wheels, a ball hitch and a full lighting system.
Suggested retail is $545 for the model 2003 ( 3-hp. engine) and $695 for the model 2605 ( 5-hp. engine).
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Thrust Manufacturing Inc., 6901 S. Yosemite St., Englewood, Colo. 80112 (ph 303 770-3163).

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